The Lookout Spot ~ Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart

When Amanda booked her wedding photography package with me we talked about the engagement session that is included in the package.  She told me that they had already had engagement photos years ago but every time they tried to plan a wedding a baby came along!  So the best option for these guys was to have a family photography session instead!  

We met in Magnetic Hill, Moncton, NB at the "Lookout Spot".  The kids kept me on my toes and they even threw in a few dog kisses and wet willies for comic relief!  

Their big day is coming up very quickly...check back in near the end of September to check out their Moncton, wedding photos!

Video Fused Moncton Newborn Session

I love introducing new products and services.  I have a few projects in the works but I just cant keep this one to myself anymore!  

Last week I shared photos from a Lifestyle Newborn Session.  During that session, on a complete whim, I shot a few clips of video.  I wanted to capture those little gestures and quiet moments that sometimes can be forgotten over time.  The video clips fused with the photos in a custom made slideshow brings the session to life!

These little gems will be added in the session packages this fall/winter (2016).  I can't wait to create custom family videos for your family!  Click the Play button and enjoy :)

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Pregnancy Announcment Session at Daley's Point ~ Bathurst Maternity Photographer

Lately, I have been shooting a lot of documentary and lifestyle family photo sessions in Moncton. I love those sessions to pieces but when I was asked to shoot this cute little pregnancy announcement session I was eager to see what this creative momma-to-be was going to come up with!

Momma planned out the details of how she wanted this session to go...right down to the last detail!  We met at Daley's Point in Bathurst, NB and traveled around the trails to find just the right locations!  Luckily, this family knows the trails well and let me in the right direction.

At sunset, we made our way down to the beach.  We couldn't have asked for a nicer night!

Congratulations Vanessa, Matt and Holly on this new season in life. 


A Sweet Lil' Country Wedding at Blueberry Hill Farms ~ Moncton Wedding Photographer

Some of my favorite events to photograph are small, intimate weddings.  You know, the ones where you feel like part of the family by the time you leave at the end of the night?!  This country wedding was exactly like that!  We met at the house for a few portraits before heading to the venue at Blueberry Hill Farms just outside of Moncton in Elgin, NB.  Congratulations Melissa & Bruce! XO

Country Grad Session...with a Pony!

My baby sister graduates this year.  It hardly seems possible.  So much has happened to fill up these last 18 years but at the same time, it feels like just yesterday that she came home from the hospital.  There's a 14 year age difference between us so I remember all of the details of her early life.  How sweet and vibrant she has always been...How since the moment she came home from the hospital, she has been in the barn helping with chores!  

This girl was fearless when it came to anything that had to do with horses.  Often we would find this little toddler in the middle of 6 horses out in the pasture trying to snap on a lead line and go for a walk.  She couldn't actually use the snap so she would just wrap the lead around the horses' halter and they would follow her where ever she went!  We were terrified whenever this happened...she was the happiest when she was with the horses.

Congratulations Lisa!  I am sure you will shine and continue to be fearless no matter what you choose to do!

Simple and Effective Ways to be a More Productive Small Business Owner

Moncton Lifestyle Family Photographer ~ Tara Geldart

Lately I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with keeping all of the balls in the air.  It's Spring time; It's time to put the garden in, spring clean the house, and it's fiddlehead picking time :) Plus it's the time of the year that business picks back up again (yay!)

I sat down to organize a few things around here and with my business; You can read about what I have done to be a more productive small business owner over at Why Hello Dear Photographer Blog

Moncton Family Photographer ~ Beautiful Spring Family Session

Let me start this by saying there are no words to accurately describe how beautiful these guys are...

We met this week outside of Moncton, NB.  It was pretty chilly so for a while we thought we might reschedule.  I am SO glad that we didn't reschedule!  We had about 35 minutes before the girls decided it was too cold and were over the whole family photo idea, which gave me a few minutes to spend with mom and dad.  

I don't photograph a lot of couples but it is something that I am getting more interested in as I am starting to dip my toes into wedding photography.  

Hope you enjoy this beautiful spring family session; I had a very hard time to choose a few photos to include in this blog post!  The whole gallery was awesome!

Thank you for looking! 

Family sessions are limited and book up quickly!  To make you appointment send me a message and we'll pick a date!

Moncton Documentary Family Photographer ~ First Riding Lessons of The Year

When I was a teenager, my little sister Lisa who was then only a toddler, would get on the horse with me and would refuse to get off.  I mean, she would make me take her around and around and around the pasture.  After hours of sheer boredom (cause what can you really do with a 2yro in the saddle with you) I would throw her off to mom only to listen to her cry because she didn't get to ride long enough.  Ha!

Well,  it has come full circle!  My babies do the same thing to her now.  Full on tantrums when they don't get to ride as long as they feel they should!  She can deal with it...I'll just stand back and photograph the memories!

Here she is juggling my youngest while trying to teach the older one!  

Moncton Documentary Family Photographer
Moncton Documentary Family Photographer

She's on a mission here...determined to get her chance to ride.  

Moncton Documentary Family Photographer

Sulking by the tree because she has to wait her turn!  Oh, the terrible two's!

Moncton Documentary Family Photographer

She made a break for it under the fence...she made it half way across the arena before we caught her!  She's pretty upset now!  May have thrown her rubber boots!

Moncton Documentary Family Photographer

She finally gets her turn!

Moncton Documentary Family Photographer
Moncton Documentary Family Photographer
Moncton Documentary Family Photographer
Moncton Documentary Family Photographer

These two do not care too much for the horses...but maybe I should look into getting them on the wrestling team...

Moncton Documentary Family Photographer

...Or some seriously over due dance lessons!!!  :)

Moncton Newborn Baby + Lifestyle Family Photography Session ~ The Hemsworths

This session is a bit of a hybrid; it's a newborn + lifestyle family session!  I got together with this beautiful family to document the moments that make this time in their lives special.  With a brand new baby boy and a 2 year old little girl (and I haven't forgotten Ebony the Black Lab!) these guys have a lot going on in their day to day lives and I wanted to create images that were reflective of this time for them.

To document their current lifestyle with their new baby, we spent most of our time quietly hanging out in the  playroom and living room.  Big sister wanted to show me a few things in the playroom, so we started in there and let her lead the rest of the session.  Baby G hardly made a sound the entire time so he was pretty cool with the whole process!

I must say though, that big sister totally stole my heart!  I cannot believe that she is only 2!  She is quite the character.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and her family.

Moncton Photographer ~ Top 100 in Shoot and Share Photo Contest

I have some great news!!!  Back in January I submitted photos to the Shoot and Share Photo Contest.  I really wasn't expecting much since I knew that the talent submitting to the contest was top notch but I decided to try anyway; at the very least, I would be able to gauge how my images stood against other professional photographers.  

This contest saw entries from 120 different countries with more than 225,000 photos being entered from top level pro photographers!  

I am thrilled to share my top images with you!

Moncton, NB Photographer Tara Geldart

Every Photographer had a chance to enter 50 images into 25 different categories.

Out of my 50 images 27 earned a placement in the top percentiles!  

Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart ~ Top 100 in the Shoot and Share Photo Contest

Moncton, NB Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton, NB Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton, NB Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton, NB Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton NB Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton NB Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton, NB Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton NB Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton Nb Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton NB Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton, NB Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton NB Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton NB Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton NB Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton NB Photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton NB Photographer
Child playing with stuffed animals
Moncton newborn, child and family photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton newborn, child and family photographer Tara Geldart
Moncton newborn, child and family photographer.  child documentary photography
little girls sleeping in a crib
Silky chickens on the farm at sunrise
Image of a Dairy farm at sunset in Moncton NB
finalist in photo contest
documentary image of a mother checking a baby's diaper
little girl reading if you give a mouse a cookie book
little girl getting her hair fixed before riding lessons
kids playing at the park on the slide
two men talking in the garage
baby girl wearing big shoes
Chinese lantern over the beach at night

Documentary Family Photo Session with the Mortons ~ Moncton, NB Photographer

Hair in a ponytail, no make-up, kid's pick out their own clothes and dad is thrilled not to have to sit pretty; this is the type of photo session that just makes sense!  

Jenna Morton at Pickle Planet Moncton and her family share the same vision.  The moments worth documenting are the everyday things that often go unnoticed or taken for granted.  

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Juxtaposition ~ Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart on the Clickin Mom's Blog!

"Juxtaposition" Image by Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart chosen to be on the Clickin Mom's blog.

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