Don't Miss a Moment ~ The importance of Telling Your Family's Story

I bet I am not alone here...I say it all of the time and I hear others say it as babies are growing up way too quickly.  They are changing everyday and they have these little quirky things about them that I know are not going to last very long.  

I don't want to wake up one morning and wonder what happened to all of those little moments.  You know the playing with play-doh in the living room and getting it stuck to the couch or going outside to get into the van before an appointment and the baby lays down in the middle of the biggest puddle in the drive way (this actually happens way too think I would have caught on by now) or the trail of clothing left on the kitchen floor because the child who is about to start school likes to strip down to her undies as soon as she gets home!

These are the things that I keep talking about.  This is what makes documentary family photography so special, so important and  so necessary.  It's your story!  No one else has a story like're moments are special.  Let's document them!

I wrote a little bit more about this as a guest post on Hello Dear Photographer.  Go on over there and have a little peek!  Don't miss a moment ;)

Sunset at Salmon Beach ~ Bathurst NB

It's not often that we get to go out without the kids in tow and this night was no exception so we made the best of it.  Our friends brought their children; they played on the beach, ran wild in the yard, bumped heads in the dark and danced their little hearts out on the deck to the guitar music!

We are so grateful for wonderful friends who are understanding and also see the need to sometimes let the kids stay up way too late and have a little summer time fun!

Thanks for the great night guys! 


Moncton Documentary Family Photographer ~ First Riding Lessons of The Year

When I was a teenager, my little sister Lisa who was then only a toddler, would get on the horse with me and would refuse to get off.  I mean, she would make me take her around and around and around the pasture.  After hours of sheer boredom (cause what can you really do with a 2yro in the saddle with you) I would throw her off to mom only to listen to her cry because she didn't get to ride long enough.  Ha!

Well,  it has come full circle!  My babies do the same thing to her now.  Full on tantrums when they don't get to ride as long as they feel they should!  She can deal with it...I'll just stand back and photograph the memories!

Here she is juggling my youngest while trying to teach the older one!  

Moncton Documentary Family Photographer
Moncton Documentary Family Photographer

She's on a mission here...determined to get her chance to ride.  

Moncton Documentary Family Photographer

Sulking by the tree because she has to wait her turn!  Oh, the terrible two's!

Moncton Documentary Family Photographer

She made a break for it under the fence...she made it half way across the arena before we caught her!  She's pretty upset now!  May have thrown her rubber boots!

Moncton Documentary Family Photographer

She finally gets her turn!

Moncton Documentary Family Photographer
Moncton Documentary Family Photographer
Moncton Documentary Family Photographer
Moncton Documentary Family Photographer

These two do not care too much for the horses...but maybe I should look into getting them on the wrestling team...

Moncton Documentary Family Photographer

...Or some seriously over due dance lessons!!!  :)

Documentary Family Photo Session with the Mortons ~ Moncton, NB Photographer

Hair in a ponytail, no make-up, kid's pick out their own clothes and dad is thrilled not to have to sit pretty; this is the type of photo session that just makes sense!  

Jenna Morton at Pickle Planet Moncton and her family share the same vision.  The moments worth documenting are the everyday things that often go unnoticed or taken for granted.  

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