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Moncton Newborn Baby Photographer ~ Tara Geldart

The time after having a new baby, no matter if it's your first or fifth, is a precious time usually spend in a haze of late night feedings and multiple diaper blowouts on top of your usual day to day chores and running frantically behind other children.  Add on top of that the shock your body just went through and your mothering instinct (and hormones!) being in full swing, who wants to leave the house to have newborn photography have the pressure to get it done in the first two weeks and to make sure baby stays asleep during the session in order to be posed and moved all around?   

I offer a different type of session that is stress free and relaxed; the best part of it all...I come to you!  Lifestyle and documentary newborn sessions take place where you and baby are the most comfortable.  You'll spend your time cuddling, rocking and nursing as usual. No stress, I promise!

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