DITL (day in the life...) Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Baby Showers...

DITL sessions are all about you.  These can be a regular day in your life, an event such as a birthday party or out of town visiting relatives, baby shower, family reunions,  vacations, anniversaries...whatever you want!  These sessions are usually 2 hours. A lot of clients do these annually as a way to include everybody in the frame and get a true and honest view during this particular season of life.  

DITL sessions tell your story and are unlike any photos that you will see hanging on other people's walls because they are truly a unique, one of a kind representation of your life as it is now.  DITL sessions remind me of old family photo albums, the one's when we look back on them we are scanning the scene for details of what our house looked like, what people were wearing, the toys in the background and most importantly how we remember people looking all those years ago.  I love old family albums.  There is significance in a storytelling session beyond that of a traditional family portrait session and  real value in preserving what life is like at this very moment. Let's face it, most of our images live on our hard drives or Facebook and will be lost when our hard drives fail.  Let's get this started so that doesn't happen to you!

If you have an idea for a DITL or even that you would like to have documented, I would love to hear about it!

DITL & Event Packages

Collection A: $850

2  hours of coverage // all edited digital images
online digital gallery for instant download 

Collection B: $1050

3 hours of coverage // all edited digital images
online digital gallery for instant download


*50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.  The remaining balance is due before the day of the session.  No images will be delivered before payment in full is received.  

Payment plans available