Documentary Family Photo Session with the Mortons ~ Moncton, NB Photographer

Hair in a ponytail, no make-up, kid's pick out their own clothes and dad is thrilled to not have to sit pretty and fake a smile; this is the type of photo session that just makes sense!  Documenting life as it is.

Jenna Morton at Pickle Planet Moncton and her family share the same vision concerning family photography.  The moments worth documenting are the everyday things that often go unnoticed or taken for granted.  

People worry that their homes are not "picture perfect" and that couldn't be further from the truth.  In all actuality, documenting details of where you live, love, laugh everyday is just as important as documenting real, honest moments.  I scan the backgrounds of old images from my childhood all.of.the.time!  I am looking for photos on the wall, the types of dishes we used, the toys we had or a favorite stuffy thrown on the floor.  

The investment you make in documenting your family's everyday is really not for you; it's for your kids, your future grandchildren.  They are the ones who will love scanning the backgrounds of photos from their childhood.  They are the ones who will cherish those genuine connections they shared with you.  

So, let go of the idea of perfection.  You're already perfect just the way you are!  Let me show you!  :)