Lifestyle Family Photographer ~ Carron Point Bahurst, NB

I announced a few posts back that I was now offering sessions in Bathurst, NB.  We spend a lot of time up there in the summer so it just makes sense to offer a few sessions up there during the year.  So if you're in Bathurst and you need a photographer, contact me to see which dates I am available for you :)

The day we had this session was a sunny, hot, gorgeous day....until an hour before our lifestyle family session on the beach was suppose to start.  We talked about rescheduling but Momma said lets give it a try anyway!  Luckily, for us the weather cleared just in time.  We had about 45 minutes of playing on the beach before it was clear that we were going to get poured on.

With in minutes of making it back to our vehicles, the rain came....hard!

But in between the lightning storms, this is what we did....