The Wilsons: A New Baby BOY!!! - Moncton Newborn Documentary Photographer

When I first spoke with this gorgeous momma, I told her about my desire to do a documentary newborn session.  I told her all of the details that are so important at this stage and how I felt like the majority of it swirls into a blur or days, diapers, tears and spilled milk.  The moments spend rocking, nursing, snuggling a new baby soon disappear and I don't know about you but the older my kids get, the less I remember unless I have something to help me trigger the memory.  

Those are just a few of the reasons why a documentary photo is so special. They will be the photos that tell the story of what life was really like during this season in life....they will be the ones to hold the attention of the grandchildren when they are looking back through your old album...they will be the ones to illicit raw emotion as you recal the smell of your new baby or the softness of his skin. 

I spent a few hours with this family.  I've know the dad since high school but haven't really seen them in years.  Who am I kidding, I haven't seen anyone in years!  I stay home a lot...there's always one excuse or another, you know how it goes!  Well, anyway now that I am taking on more clients, I get to meet and reconnect with more people.  That's exciting...beyond hockey, baseball and diaper changes, photography is my fun time!

Big brother really didn't want much to do with me.  Hopefully this was more of a two year old mood thing than it is a pattern!  I'm eyeball deep in "two year old" moods, so I get where he is coming from!  

Baby Blake was so quiet.... he barely made a sound.  Just sat back and took it all in.  I guess it probably helps when he is being cuddled and loved by mom and dad the whole session!