Cookies For Santa!

Now isn’t this just the cutest little set up?! I cannot take credit for it….. it was all momma’s idea! This little in home Christmas mini session was just what I needed to get into the Christmas Spirit!

Have yourself a merry little Chsristmas!

See you all in the new year!

The Reason For My Absence!!!!!

It’s been pretty quiet around here and you’re probably wondering why!

No, I haven’t closed up shop…. I’m still certain that full time photography is what I want to do with my life and I am eternally grateful for all of my clients who have sought me out in the past few months even though I have been very quiet around here!

He was a little bit late on his arrival….and he put me in pre-labour for 2 solid weeks but luckily he decided to show up the morning before daddy was scheduled to go out of town again for work! It’s a good thing too because if he would have been just a day later, daddy would definitely have missed the whole thing and there’s a pretty good chance that I may not have made it to the hospital in time!

So, there’s a little fella I’d like you all to meet! His name is River and he is the sweetest little thing! He’s the reason for my absence….I just can’t get enough of him and neither can the rest of the family! We are all just totally in love with him!

So that’s what I’ve been up to!

I’ll still be taking new clients in 2018 but you will probably notice that my social media presence will be lacking! I hope you understand…..I have a baby to snuggle and many others to tend to!

What it's Like When a Photographer Tries to Photograph Her Own Children

I have about 2 photos of all four of my children together.  That's pretty pathetic, since I take photos and make keepsakes for other families for a living!  Well, I decided this fall was the time to fix all of this.  I gave the kids a few weeks notice (the older ones need that sometimes!)  and on the next nice evening that we were all home together, we ventured over to the field close to home for some family portraits.  

To say it was a success might be stretching it a bit; but it certainly does document exactly what our family is like at this season in our lives!  

I hadn't intended on getting documentary type images...I wanted a few pretty portraits!  But this is what I got!  They are printed and hanging on the wall anyway!

Baby's 1st Birthday! ~ Moncton Family Photographer

Baby Beckett turns 1!  I met this family at Highland Park in Salisbury, NB for some quick 1st Birthday shots of the little man and we also managed to squeeze in a few family photos at the park!  The sun was disappearing quickly, so we had to move fast!  I think in total we had 35 minutes to make this all come together.  I must say though, the low setting sun makes for the BEST soft golden light!  Looking forward to meeting up with these guys again next year to see how much they have grown!

Point-Du-Chene Family Vacation ~ Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart

This session was a hoot!  I mostly photograph families with children, so I have to admit that I was a bit nervous when I was contacted to shoot this session just outside of Moncton, NB on the Point-Du-Chene Warf in Shediac, NB.

The boys contacted me for a family session that they wanted to give as a gift to their mom for her 60th birthday!  How sweet is that?  Seriously, so sweet!  They are from Ontario and beyond but use to camp in Shediac when the boys were young.  So they rented a cottage and had a family vacation to celebrate their mom's 60th birthday!  

I have had a lot of family sessions on the beach this year and also quite a few for families who are vacationing.  I love meeting families and documenting as they explore and enjoy their summers!

The Lookout Spot ~ Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart

When Amanda booked her wedding photography package with me we talked about the engagement session that is included in the package.  She told me that they had already had engagement photos years ago but every time they tried to plan a wedding a baby came along!  So the best option for these guys was to have a family photography session instead!  

We met in Magnetic Hill, Moncton, NB at the "Lookout Spot".  The kids kept me on my toes and they even threw in a few dog kisses and wet willies for comic relief!  

Their big day is coming up very quickly...check back in near the end of September to check out their Moncton, wedding photos!

An Afternoon With an East Coast Mermaid! ~ Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart

Have you been following along with the East Coast Mermaid Blog?  I promise, you'll be pleasantly delighted!  Her East Coast adventures and seaside tales are super inspiring and will have you itchin' for a local vacay!

I met with Crystal from East Coast Mermaid for a coffee a few months back and we chatted about local business and how some really great things can come from something so unexpected!  

If things start happening, don’t worry...don’t stew. Just go right along and you’ll start happening too
— Dr. Seuss

A few weeks after our initial meeting, we met downtown Moncton and strolled the streets, climbed to a rooftop and stopped at a nearby Starbucks.  Crystal shared her favorites from our Moncton lifestyle photography session on her blog today along with a fabulous review and a Promo Code.

Head on over to her blog and fall in love with her mermaid tales! 


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Video Fused Moncton Newborn Session

I love introducing new products and services.  I have a few projects in the works but I just cant keep this one to myself anymore!  

Last week I shared photos from a Lifestyle Newborn Session.  During that session, on a complete whim, I shot a few clips of video.  I wanted to capture those little gestures and quiet moments that sometimes can be forgotten over time.  The video clips fused with the photos in a custom made slideshow brings the session to life!

These little gems will be added in the session packages this fall/winter (2016).  I can't wait to create custom family videos for your family!  Click the Play button and enjoy :)

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Don't Miss a Moment ~ The importance of Telling Your Family's Story

I bet I am not alone here...I say it all of the time and I hear others say it as babies are growing up way too quickly.  They are changing everyday and they have these little quirky things about them that I know are not going to last very long.  

I don't want to wake up one morning and wonder what happened to all of those little moments.  You know the playing with play-doh in the living room and getting it stuck to the couch or going outside to get into the van before an appointment and the baby lays down in the middle of the biggest puddle in the drive way (this actually happens way too think I would have caught on by now) or the trail of clothing left on the kitchen floor because the child who is about to start school likes to strip down to her undies as soon as she gets home!

These are the things that I keep talking about.  This is what makes documentary family photography so special, so important and  so necessary.  It's your story!  No one else has a story like're moments are special.  Let's document them!

I wrote a little bit more about this as a guest post on Hello Dear Photographer.  Go on over there and have a little peek!  Don't miss a moment ;)

Sunset at Salmon Beach ~ Bathurst NB

It's not often that we get to go out without the kids in tow and this night was no exception so we made the best of it.  Our friends brought their children; they played on the beach, ran wild in the yard, bumped heads in the dark and danced their little hearts out on the deck to the guitar music!

We are so grateful for wonderful friends who are understanding and also see the need to sometimes let the kids stay up way too late and have a little summer time fun!

Thanks for the great night guys! 


A Gorgeous Lifestyle Newborn Session ~ Baby Ceci ~ Moncton Photographer Tara Geldart

It's no secret that being a Moncton Newborn Photographer is my absolute dream job....I get a baby fix with out actually having another baby and I get to create images that will be cherished forever.  Never again will this tiny baby fit into your arms the way she does right at this moment.  This time is precious and irreplaceable so I quietly try to capture the details of what life is like at this moment.  Everyday Storytelling....Everyone has a story!

I traveled to Oromocto for this in home newborn session with Mom, Dad, Big Brother and Baby Sister....and Grandma and Grandpa were also there to lend an extra hand (They told me they didn't want to be in any photos....but is snagged a few anyway for memories sake!) 

The family had just moved a few weeks before baby Ceci was born.  I don't know how she did it with a move, a new baby and an active one year old, but the house was beautifully decorated (I mean for real, we renovated almost two years ago and I still have painters tape on the wall and primed door casings!) I wanted to take photos in every room!  Here, see for yourself!  This is one gorgeous lifestyle newborn session!

Lifestyle Family Photographer ~ Carron Point Bahurst, NB

I announced a few posts back that I was now offering sessions in Bathurst, NB.  We spend a lot of time up there in the summer so it just makes sense to offer a few sessions up there during the year.  So if you're in Bathurst and you need a photographer, contact me to see which dates I am available for you :)

The day we had this session was a sunny, hot, gorgeous day....until an hour before our lifestyle family session on the beach was suppose to start.  We talked about rescheduling but Momma said lets give it a try anyway!  Luckily, for us the weather cleared just in time.  We had about 45 minutes of playing on the beach before it was clear that we were going to get poured on.

With in minutes of making it back to our vehicles, the rain came....hard!

But in between the lightning storms, this is what we did....